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Within the framework of its inorganic growth strategy, Banque Heritage continues its expansion program of strengthening its position in selected markets. If emerging markets are an important area of development, the Swiss market is crucial for the Bank where it intends to expand into local markets having less client penetration than those of Zurich and Geneva.  

The recent acquisition of selected portfolio assets from Banque Hottinger, notably its presence in the Valais, has allowed the Bank to reinforce its presence in certain nearby geographical regions, one of the pillars of the bank’s corporate strategy.  

The opening of the Sion branch is a natural development in this plan, and the Bank intends to develop this dynamic platform to serve a local and international clientele. With its comprehensive offering, the Valais office complements the Bank’s Geneva headquarters and its Zurich offices.  

In the same vein, in order to consolidate its presence in Valais, Banque Heritage has completed the acquisition of “GP Gestion Privée SA”. The integration of this independent asset management firm which is highly integrated into the local economy will bolster the current team and expand its coverage in the region.  

Located in the capital of Valais and endowed with a team of 6 experienced professionals, this new asset management platform represents an important growth opportunity for the Bank which is very pleased with this new development.    

Based in Geneva, Banque Heritage manages over CHF 6 billion of assets. Also present in Zurich, it has subsidiaries in Guernsey and in Montevideo.