Marcos Esteve succeeds Carlos Esteve

Banque Heritage announced that Carlos Esteve has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer, a post he has held since founding the firm in 1986. Mr. Esteve will be shifting his focus to Corporate Governance and Strategy through his role as a member of the Board of Directors to which he has been appointed.

Marcos Esteve has been named Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Esteve, Mr. Carlos Esteve’s younger brother has had a long involvement with the Bank. One of his primary objectives is to continue the development and growth of the institution through organic and inorganic means in order to meet steadfastly the challenges of our industry, notably the costs of the constantly evolving regulatory environment. He joined the Bank in January 2006 and has held several key management positions. Initially he was Chief Operating Officer and for several years he also acted as Chief Financial Officer. In January 2014 Mr. Esteve was appointed Head of Private Banking. Prior to joining the Bank, he was an active member of the Board of Directors.

Francois Oesch has been appointed Head of Private Banking and Investment Services. Mr. Oesch joined the Bank in 2005 and held various positions in Foreign Exchange Trading and Asset Management before assuming responsibility for these departments as Chief Investment Officer in 2012. He has also been responsible for Trading, Execution, and the Middle Office operations since 2014.

The Bank also announced changes to the Board of Directors. François Bernard Stalder announced that he does not stand for re-election as President of the Board of Directors. Mr. Stalder had been Chairman of the Board of Directors since February, 2011. Maître Pierre Alain Schmidt has assumed the position of Chairman of the Board, a position which he had held previously for many years. Maître Schmidt was a founding Board member of the Bank in 1986 and has served on the Board since the Bank’s incorporation. In addition, Paul-André Sanglard, President of Groupe Vaudoise Assurances and Vice-President of Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, has been appointed to the Board of Directors.

Banque Heritage is a Geneva based Private Bank that manages over CHF 4.7 billion with offices in Zurich and Sion and a subsidiary in Montevideo. The firm was originally founded as a family office and became a Bank in 2004.

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